WiFi Settings of the Devices

There are 3 different WiFi broadcasts in our university.

  • eduroam
  • THKU-802.1X
  • THKU-legacy

All our staff and students must first install “eduroam” WiFi broadcast on their mobile devices. When you introduce this broadcast to your mobile device, you can benefit from Internet access wherever you see “eduroam” WiFi broadcasting.  You should use this broadcasting only at the Universities you visit outside of our university.

For installation packages of Turkish Aeronautical Association University:

First visit the web site https://cat.eduroam.org,

Click the “download your eduroam installer” button,

Select Turkey in the list of countries,

Type “University of Turkish Aeronautical Association” into the search box. Click on “University of Turkish Aeronautical Association“.

If you are located in Turkey, all universities which are the member of “cat.eduroam.org” address in Turkey automatically  will appear as a list. You can select the name of our university from the list.

A package will be recommended according to the mobile device you are using. Click on”All platforms” to see all packages.

Click on the “i” button next to it which is appropriate for your mobile device and find out how to install the related package. You can start the installation process by clicking on the appropriate package in your mobile device. See the text below for Android devices.

Please enter your e-mail password as password when you are asked during “eduroam” Wifi installation as the username (asoyad@thk.edu.tr, s123456789@stu.thk.edu.tr, etc.).

To the attention of Android users: 

Before installing, you must download from Google Play and install the “ eduroam CAT” application developed by GÉANT Association. With this application you can also do the above operations within the application. There are many apps with the “eduroam” logo on the Google Play Store. Among them, please download and install the one developed by GÉANT Association.

The first reason to set up the “eduroam” broadcast is that we have automatically installed our university’s certificate on our mobile device. In this way, the installation of the main university campus broadcast will be easier.

After installing the eduroam CAT application, you can go to https://cat.eduroam.org and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the above certificate.

As mentioned above, there are two different WiFi broadcasts in our university. Priority is to use the “THKU-802.1X” WiFi broadcast. This broadcast uses the latest WiFi standards and will provide you with a better WiFi experience if your device supports these standards. If your mobile device does not support the latest WiFi standards and you experience connection problems, use problem “THKU-legacy“. This broadcast is designed to support basic WiFi standards.

As described above, you can install the “eduroam” broadcast on your mobile device and then install other broadcasts. The latest operating systems such as Windows 10, MacOS automatically detect the settings when the desired broadcast is selected and asks you only for the “username” and “password” information.  As “username” you will enter the your email address up to the @ sign (adsoyad@thk.edu.tr, s123456789@stu.thk.edu.tr), in other words  the user name you used when logging on to the computer.

If your mobile device does not automatically detect the operating system settings, you must enter the following settings manually.


EAP Method: PEEP

Phase 2 authorization: MSCHAPV2

Certificate: eduroam_WPA_EAP_PEEP_MSCHAPV2   or verification (like)

After entering the “username” and “password” information correctly, you can benefit from our University’s WiFi and Internet access.

If you have a problem, you can ask for help on helpdesk.thk.edu.tr.