General Info

  • University of Turkish Aeronautical Association was established by Aviation Foundation of the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Thereby, TAA has a deep background thanks to its experience and intellectual knowledge gained through the activities in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics since 1925.
  • University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is the first university in Turkey having 4 campuses in 3 cities in Turkey. With its multi-campus environment, it is one of the few universities providing aeronautical practices such as mutual training flights.
  • University of Turkish Aeronautical Association has Turkey’s biggest squadron for aviation training with its 77 hi-tech planes. UTAA provides various and high quality experiences to its students with the variety of planes in its squadron.
  • University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is the first and only university in Turkey specializing in aviation and aerospace.
  • The need for qualified, educated manpower in the field of aeronautics increases the importance of UTAA. The relations of the university with private sector help its graduates to get a job easily.
  • With its 2 airports (Etimesgut-Ankara and Selcuk-İzmir), 6 full capacity aerodromes (to be used as training laboratory), and 2 operator towers with ILS equipment (Etimesgut-Ankara and Selcuk-İzmir) UTAA is the best university in Turkey having the largest and the most robust substructure in Aeronautics.
  • The academic partnership with Vaughn College, one of the most outstanding universities in the world, was designed to provide exchange of academic personnel and students between the two universities, collaboration in research efforts and co-operative employment placements.