Etimesgut Campus

Etimesgut campus which has been in use since May 3, 1935 was designed for aeronautics and flight training. It is 15 km to Ankara centrum on İstanbul Highway, and covers an area of approximately 1600 decares. The campus includes Faculty of Business Administration Management, Faculty of Air Transportation, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aeronautical Vocational School of Higher Education, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Our campus includes training laboratories (aerodromes, tower, operation building, and briefing room) and flight simulation center, and covers a total area of 19.030 m² indoors and 86.409 m² outdoors. The campus also has a 1500x45m length tarmac runway.

Akkopru Campus

Akköprü campus, which is located in Akköprü district in Altındağ, includes head offices and Graduate School of Social Sciences. The campus, covering a total area of 12.472m² indoors, is very close to public transportation facilities-just a 5-minute walk to Akkopru and Ataturk Kultur Merkezi subway stations.


Our campus in İzmir-Selçuk, which is located in a perfect area for aviation due to its mild climate and clear weather conditions during almost all seasons, is approximately 75 km to İzmir, one of the three major metropolises in Turkey.

The campus which will be in use for hands-on training for the students of Aeronautics Vocational School of Higher Education and Faculty of Aviation also includes training laboratories (aerodromes, tower, flight simulator, operation building, and briefing room).